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Monday, 9 September 2013

Update Number 2

Update Number 2

There were 33 bank officials with surnames beginning with the letters A to F who served in WWII and returned home. 

Their mini-biographies have been started using information from the following sources:
  • Forces War Records website
  • London Gazette - officers only
  • Belfast City Council - burial records where available
  • 1911 Irish Census - parents details where available
  • 'The Ulster Bank Story' by Lyn Gallagher
and other internet web sources detailed in the individual articles.

This was a difficult exercise with many men having only generic information about them i.e. possible year of birth and the fact that they joined the Ulster Bank following their education.

Each man has had an individual 'post' created about them.  This means that they will appear in future internet searches and give relatives, descendants and interested parties a basic start to their research.  It is hoped that contact will then be made with myself to enable updates to be made.

Thank you.

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